Types of Motor Oil Available

Choose The Right Motor Oil For Your Vehicle

It may not be clear what motor oil your vehicle needs. There are several types on the market. Different auto makes and models have specific requirements. Other factors include the region you live in and even the time of year impacts your oil change. Below is a short guide to help you decide which lubricant is best for your automobile.

High Mileage

Does your vehicle have at least 75,000 miles on it? If so, go with high mileage motor oil. It’s uniquely formulated to handle challenges specific to vehicles with high miles. It offers several advantages, such as:

  • Limits smoke and engine emissions

  • Reduces oil leaks and seepages

  • Minimizes oil consumption

  • Clean and remove old oil deposits

Older vehicles that have excessive miles benefit greatly from this type of engine oil.


Conventional oil is a popular choice among drivers. It works well for late model autos with average or below-average mileage. It’s ideal for light-duty vehicles. Additionally, engines that have simple designs can get the most out of this lube. Conventional brands are ideal for most older vehicles on the road.

Full Synthetic

If you have a high-performance automobile that requires lots of lubrication, then choose full synthetic oil. It can boost your vehicle’s horsepower and improve engine cooling. Additionally, it prevents sludge build-up. Full synthetic lube is a good choice when maintaining maximum performance is your top priority.

Synthetic Blend

A synthetic blend combines the benefits of conventional and full synthetic oils. It’s more affordable than full synthetic while giving you the same protection. Plus, it has additives that provide extra resistance to oxidation, among other features. Drivers who want a budget-friendly, supercharged lube can go with a synthetic mix.

Extend the Life of Your Engine

An oil change in Cary is an essential automotive service. Your options include high mileage, conventional, full synthetic, and synthetic blend oils. If you’re not sure which one you need, our ASE Certified Technicians here at P&A Smith Auto Maintenance can help. Schedule your next lube service with us today.

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