Auto Services in Cary, NC

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Preventative Maintenance Services

P&A Auto Maintenance in Cary, NC is the go-to repair facility for top-notch auto services. Motorists throughout the greater Raleigh area have discovered that the best path to their vehicle’s peak performance runs through P&A Smith Auto Maintenance. You know your vehicle’s needs and we know how to provide them. Even if you don’t know, we’ll find out for you and let you know exactly which services are needed. Preventative maintenance services are the key to your vehicle’s enhanced performance and longevity. Stay two steps ahead of any repair or breakdown with our exceptional service plans. We consider your vehicle’s age, driving purposes, and the manufacturer’s recommendations when designing a maintenance schedule. The most important maintenance service is the all-important oil change. Many vehicle owners underestimate the importance of the oil change schedule. In addition to the appropriate oil change maintenance schedule, our team also provides timely tune-ups, filter changes, fluid services, tire services, diagnostic services, maintenance inspections, and more.

Accurate Engine Diagnostic Services

Finding out the true condition of your vehicle from the right repair shop is half the battle! When you come to P&A Smith Auto Maintenance, you can expect nothing but the truth! Every one of our quality auto repairs starts with a quick but accurate diagnostic service. Our technicians use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to analyze your vehicle’s systems–engine, mechanical, electrical–and to solve potential problems down the road. Avoid a time-consuming and expensive misdiagnosis by making us your first and last stop for quality auto service. Our team is well-trained and highly experienced at designing service plans that are perfectly suited to your vehicle. Our specialized services include quality maintenance and repairs for BMW, VW, Infiniti, Hyundai, Nissan, Acura, Honda, Lexus, Subaru, Kia and more! Pay attention to your vehicle’s performance and bring us any repairs to your vehicle’s engine, exhaust system, brakes, transmission service, fleet services, A/C repairs, suspension repair, and much. Time is of the essence so let us get started on returning your vehicle to its optimal condition.

Schedule Your Auto Service With Us!

The other half of the battle is the quality of your auto service experience. We keep the repair process as quick and convenient as possible. P&A Smith Auto Maintenance understands that you have better places to be than our service center. And you also don’t want to spend more time in our service bay than you do on the highway. That’s why getting you in and out in no time with error-free maintenance services is our top priority. You won’t find our team sitting around and taking our sweet ‘ol time with your vehicle’s services. We respect your time and your wallet by keeping our services accurate and affordable. Give us a call today at 919-467-7016 to schedule your next auto service appointment. You can save time by scheduling right now using our convenient online scheduling system.