Quick Guide to Maintaining Your Favorite Import Vehicle

Even though you’ve purchased a quality BMW, Honda, or Volvo, their parts and engine can still wear out over time. Since they have yet to invent a mechanical system that can last forever, it’s important to visit P & A Smith Auto Maintenance in Cary, NC on a regular basis, so that your car is kept in perfect working order. Here are a few auto repair and servicing tips so you know when to bring your car in.

How Often Does My Car Need Servicing?

This advice can vary based on make and model of your vehicle. Your best advice is to check your owner’s manual or speak to one of our knowledge service advisors about crafting a maintenance plan based on your driving habits. Your vehicle’s repair manual will advise you on how frequently your vehicle should be serviced. Most of the time they provide a convenient chart or table of common services and the mileage at which they should be performed.

The general rule is that the a older car becomes, the more it’ll need things repaired or replaced. A good idea is to have your car inspected whenever it comes in for an oil change. This way you can prevent small problems from becoming large repairs. However, if your car isn’t functioning properly, you may have to bring it for auto repairs much sooner. Either way, our expert technicians are here to make sure your car operates at its full potential.

What’s Included in a Basic Car Service?

Basic car maintenance involves having the engine oil being changed. The engine oil filter will also need replacing. It’s also important to have a thorough safety check, for instance brakes, tires, and suspension components, so your safety is ensured on the roads and highways.

Why Regular Maintenance is Important

When you have your vehicle regularly serviced it will help to extend the life of the mechanical components. This also keeps your car safe on the road and prevents it from breaking down at inopportune times. Not only that, but regular maintenance helps prevent large, expensive repairs that occur due to neglect.


Book Your Auto Repairs at P & A Smith Auto Maintenance

If you can’t remember the last time you had your car serviced, it’s time to book an appointment at P & A Smith Auto Maintenance now. Hopefully you only need some minor BMW, Volvo, or Honda repairs, but if the problem is more complex, we can fix your car and get it back on the road as soon as possible and at honest pricing.

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