Do You Need an Oil Change?

What to Look For

As most vehicle owners know, following a routine oil change schedule is important to maintaining your vehicle’s quality performance. With that said, many owners don’t know when to get the service performed, and P&A Smith is here to help. If you aren’t sure when your vehicle needs an oil change, make sure you look for these common signs that it’s due for this basic service!

Dark, Dirty Oil

When motor oil is first added into your vehicle, it takes on a clear, amber color. This is the oil at its best, and if you see this in your car, you know it’s using quality oil. Now over time, this beautiful appearance starts to get dirty and darker. Although it’s normal for you to panic, you shouldn’t! Dark and dirty oil is a good sign, as the oil is doing its job in that it’s lubricating the engine and picking up any contaminants found throughout it. With that said, you should schedule an oil change soon if you see this type of oil in your vehicle, as continuing to drive with it could cause additional problems down the road.

Metal Flakes

Although it is normal to see some small metal particles in oil has it gets older and worn, it isn’t normal to see large metal flakes. If you see large metal flakes in the oil, that indicates something seriously wrong is going on within the engine. Make sure you schedule an oil service as soon as possible to prevent any further damage!

Overdue Mileage Sticker

After every oil service, most shops will attach a mileage sticker to the top left corner of your vehicle’s windshield. On this sticker are a mileage interval and a date for when you should get your next oil change. If you’re not sure when to get an oil change, check the sticker! If you are well over the mileage interval or well past the posted date, you should schedule your next oil service soon!

Does your vehicle’s oil need to be changed? Reach out to the experts at P&A Smith in Cary, North Carolina!

Written by P&A Smith Auto

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