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Accurate Engine Diagnostic Service

Check engine lights may alarm you, but they’re actually a blessing in disguise. Without your dashboard’s early alert system, you could end up stranded on the side of the road–surprise! P&A Smith Auto Maintenance in Cary, NC has a team of service experts ready to solve any performance issue you’re having. There’s no way to know without a proper diagnosis using the proper equipment. Many vehicle owners will self-diagnose their vehicles and determine how vital their service needs are without professional help. We advise all motorists to seek the professionals at P&A Smith Auto Maintenance to address their check engine light. The possible problems are wide-ranging. Just because it seems like the transmission or the timing belt is the issue doesn’t mean you’re addressing the source. Come to us first before you agree to any expensive, complicated, or time-consuming repairs. You can count on us to find out the truth about your check engine light and perform the right repairs.

We Solve All Check Engine Light Mysteries

Time is of the essence, so don’t delay your check engine light diagnosis. Just because there are no other warning signs with your check engine doesn’t mean there’s not a lot going on under the hood. Your vehicle can lull you into a false sense of security. Everything seems to be fine, but your vehicle is just giving you a heads up about trouble that’s coming down the road. Although, the check engine light could be something as simple as a loose gas cap. Sometimes, this will trigger you check engine light. You can either stop at the next gas station and fix that yourself, or you can stop by P&A Smith Auto Maintenance and let one our experts tighten the gas cap for you. For FREE! Seriously, we don’t want you to be surprised while you’re on the road by an engine breakdown. Motorists often don’t realize the seriousness of their check engine light until it’s too late.

Schedule Your Check Engine Light Diagnosis & Repair

If your dashboard alert has been triggered, there’s no need to panic. Your vehicle was designed to give you an early enough warning to get to our repair shop. But you should be proactive! The first check engine light will be a solid red/orange light, but eventually this light will start to blink if you don’t seek immediate attention. This indicates a certified engine emergency and your vehicle is about to breakdown. If you’re not stranded on the side of the road, your next stop should definitely be P&A Smith Auto Maintenance. Start at our shop to get your vehicle on the path to peak performance. Give us a call today at 919-467-7026 schedule your check engine light repair. You can save time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now!