5 Services Your Auto Repair in Raleigh Should Include

When you’re looking for the best auto repair Raleigh, NC has to offer, you’ll find that there are seemingly endless options to choose between. But your automobile is one of your largest investments, and something you rely on each day, so you can’t just take it to anyone! You and your vehicle deserve the high quality automotive service by an auto repair shop in Raleigh that truly cares.

Finding the right shop, however, can be overwhelming. Many auto mechanics and auto repair shops in Raleigh will claim to be your best, but not all of them have your best interest in mind. There are some auto services that they best auto repair shops offer that set them apart from the rest. To know if you’ve found a quality auto repair shop in Raleigh, simply make sure your auto shop provides these five automotive services:

1. Auto repairs performed by ASE Certified Technicians. The best Raleigh auto repair shops employ ASE Certified Technicians to handle all of your car repair and car maintenance services. ASE Certified Technicians are auto mechanics who have taken the time to be trained and certified by the Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. They are passionate about their profession and about providing top quality auto repair services.

2. Auto repairs are guaranteed. The auto repair shop that you choose should always stand behind the automotive services they provide with a guarantee. A good auto repair guarantee is 12 month/12,000 miles. 

3. Free local shuttle service. When you drop off your car, truck, SUV or minivan at the auto shop for repairs, you don’t always have time to sit and wait your services to be completed. The auto repair shop owner who truly cares about your convenience will have implemented a free local shuttle service to drive you where you need to go so you don’t have to wait at the shop! 

4. Easy, online appointment scheduling. Keeping up with you auto maintenance services and auto repairs in Raleigh is vital to improving the life of your vehicle, but it isn’t always easy to coordinate. Auto repair shops that provide their customers with easy, online scheduling allow you to make your next auto service appointment when you are thinking about it, rather than having to wait for the shop to be open so you can call to schedule.

5. Free Loaner Cars. If your auto repair in Raleigh, NC is going to take a bit longer, there are shops that provide their customers with free loaner cars so they can still get around! Finding a Raleigh auto repair shop that offers this complimentary service is very valuable.

Auto repair and auto maintenance services are necessary to keep your car operating and driving safely, but they aren’t always easy to keep up with. Finding an auto repair shop that is focused on you will make your auto repair experience easier than ever before. For the best auto repair in Raleigh, NC, find an auto repair shop that offers the above five automotive services, and start enjoying a better auto repair experience!


Written by P&A Smith Auto